The Founder ...

Her Journey

Ms. N. Bagoo reigns from the Auto Finance vertical, with an extensive career starting at grassroots for General Motors [GMAC] and Honda Canada Inc. She progressed her way up the corporate ladder into middle and upper management, while at Honda Financial Services and Hyundai Capital Canada - respectively; attaining logical levels of learning along the way. In the midst of heading to Germany as an expat professional, Nicole switched gears to head down to the Aftermarket world of F&I, in the capacity of Vice President - with a focus on strategic OEM partnerships. Here she gained further business model exposure, with influencers: Toyota/Lexus Canada, Mazda Canada and Industrial Alliance [IA] Insurance Group. To support this new endeavor, Nicole pursued her Finance and Insurance Professional (F&I) designation from IAS: Smart Dealer University, in Oklahoma City. 

Her Blessings


Ms. Bagoo quotes: the beauty in working for/with said Fortune 500 companies is you gain valuable, insightful knowledge (power) into the successes and pitfalls that make these brands so incredibly GREAT. These skills are 100% transferable and truly priceless, given it can be applied to all business models to yield the same outstanding results. Nicole is a high performing executive, who knows all too well a Kingdom cannot be built in isolation. She's a firm believer that tone comes from top down and is determined to bless others by sharing said mastery. Walking her talk, she commonly states: sharings caring!

Her Kingdom


Living life is a privilege ... no one knows when their number will be called.  Your life focus OR 'Thy Kingdoms' as she coins it, are defined by what's important to YOU! The legacy Nicole works effortlessly to leave with all those she's impacted, is the act of truly being 100% SELFLESS.  She notes it's an extremely humbling reward that some people find challenging but in her words, it's this very same trial that fuels her mind, body and soul! You reap what you sow ~ sow a good seed and reap the endless rewards! There's an abundance to go around, thus spread the LOVE and just watch: greatness SHALL be added to Thy Kingdoms ...

World Class Accolades ...



  • Her advanced Problem Solving & Decision-Making skills are based on military endorsed Kepner-Tregoe (KT) leadership training, that develops one's logical thinking process for critical business applications. 
  • Our Founder is well versed in the original continuous improvement method: Total Quality Management (TQM), where she practiced and perfected (12 years) both techniques at the management levels.  



  • Ms. Bagoo - who often refers to herself as a 'closet geek', then spent her next chapter of academics on "PEOPLE", via Neuro-Lingistics Programming (NLP), as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner.
  • Nicole studied under her life coach, the late~great Ms. Linda Kaye, whom had the privilege of collaborating with an internationally known GIANT - during her early study years.



  • Nicole pursued her Finance and Insurance Professional (F&I) designation from Innovative Aftermarket Systems [IAS]: Smart Dealer University, in Oklahoma City; upon assuming the role of Vice President, for an Aftermarket Ancillary Provider, she married to Honda, prior to her resignation.



  • Outside of her 3 year study at UFT, Nicole also holds a Business Certificate from Toronto's top ranked Executive Program, offered at Schulich's School of Business (York U) in BPM:

  1. Business Process Improvement
  2. Modeling 
  3. Management



  • As a young protege, coach: Ms. Kaye further exposed Nicole to greater depths. She mastered her craft from world renowned behavioral coaches, the Australian Neuroscience experts: 

  1. Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu, co-founders of Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT).
  2. Honorable mention: learnt along side Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall - best known for his work with the US Government, in the field of Advanced Behavioral Modeling.



  • Nicole is a God fearing woman, of the Apostolic Christian faith.
  • She has completed a Ministerial Certification (Basic) course, with a focus on:

  1. Servant Leadership Characteristics
  2. Doctrines & Studying the Bible
  3. Introduction to Service & Hermeneutics
  4. Evangelism, Spiritual Gifts, Ethics
  5. Leadership & Communication