Getting Acquainted ...


Vision to see beyond

Simply stated, YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON! 

While most measure success based on KPI's and ROI's, these factors are typically structured around task related activities. Our philosophy however, attests the one true factor in the equation (commonly overlooked) is the PEOPLE quotient ~ OUR Passion, OUR Focus, OUR Why and undoubtedly OUR Success.

If you're still skeptical, ask yourself: how do you NOT favor 

Thy Kingdoms execution strategy ... We're slow to anger - thus patient, we're kind and we care, we're not envious, nor boastful or proud and we do NOT keep any records of wrongs. Couple that with our industry expertise and you can absolutely believe, we've got YOU covered! 

At Thy Kingdom Consultancy, we stand firmly in our practices and never compromise our integrity nor yours, as we expect the same in return. We've devoted the last two decades in perfecting our crafts and talents, thus at the core of who we are, our moral compass is our guiding light.  The same light that truly attains and sustains the behavioral transformations in PEOPLE, whereby adding greatness to all aspects of Thy Kingdoms.


Knowledge is power

PEOPLE passion is our "thing" at Thy Kingdoms Consultancy. 

Our roots are deeply grounded in 20+ years of building trusted partnerships. We value our clients dearly and welcome their feedback - always! We've listened and that's why we decided to change the industry ~ before the industry changes us, and that means putting YOU first. 

Rest assure, our breadth is LIMITLESS, with knowledge spanning across a diverse list of disciplines - to be your one stop shop: Business - Training, Operational Risks, Cultural Change, Project Management and such ... Lifestyle - Mental Healthiness, Identity Crisis, Couples Counselling, etc ... Ministerial - Spiritual Warfare, Leadership Re-Organization, etc ...  Motivational - Seminars (+ Curriculum), Communications and such ...

Even better, our depth has no known boundaries, we've transformed PEOPLE in all facets of life, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller scales of economies and even individuals alike.  No matter the portfolio size, we ensure consistency and flawless execution each and every time.

Driven by passion, we mentor clients to reshape their outcomes through the use of proven techniques: KT, TQM, BPM, NLP, mBIT, F&I and the GOSPEL (where applicable). Our road map to success is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools and skill-sets necessary to flourish. Connect with to us today to explore the 

limitless possibilities that awaits.


Methods to the madness

Whether something is broken in a process (PROBLEM) OR you'd like to elevate an existing performance (CHALLENGE), we can help!

Using a blend of industry best practices, our services include a comprehensive Consultation to identify the Strengths, Threats, Weaknesses, and Opportunities impacting Thy Kingdoms and the PEOPLE within. We then work intimately along side you, to help rejuvenate the people, processes and systems at play.

Our engagement facilitates a three pronged approach, 

to help you connect the dots between the landscape: 

  1. Current State (where things are today)
  2. Desired State (where things ought to be)
  3. Transforming State (anticipated road map) 

Staying true to our core, we avoid any grapevine chatter to ensure at every step of the way, we employ tactics that allow us to serve you accurately.  After all, our integrity is key to YOUR success! 

The SME will observe your reality first hand, know your actual situation and all its nuances, in order to formulate a solid action plan that's realistic to YOUR environment, once the strategy has been endorsed. 

This may include (but are not limited to):

  • Problem or Situational Analysis
  • Cause Analysis or Defining Objectives
  • Countermeasure or Best Practice Selection
  • Next Steps: Plan - Do - Check - Act
  • Potential Problem Analysis 

Nothing is ever done in silos, and through our collaborative spirit and self accountability - our goal is to put you back on the road of success and TRANSFORM your world like never before.