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Millennial Breakdown: Sexuality & Depression

My daughter came to live with me full time after her mom kicked her out at 18 yrs old. 

My child first suffered with identity crisis: unsure if she was in love with her BFF vs experimental sexuality vs IDK?! That later turned into depression and self esteem issues after the 'girlfriend' cheated. Her future was filled with uncertainties and I was unsure how else to help. The meds weren't helping nor were the issues being addressed - she just stopped talking to me and I was drowning - helplessly ... until we met Nicole!

My kid refers to it as "she was NLP'd".  It changed her life - drastically.  She became focused, clear and realized her purpose & potential. My daughter is now thriving at 23 yrs; moving out later this year with her boyfriend of 3 yrs and holds a full time job, making a career as an Auditor for one of the big names. I cannot thank Nicole enough for the impact she's had on our lives. She very much does care and I am beyond proud of my daughter who's living a promising life with limitless possibilities! ~ R. Phillips (MAR 2018)

Risk Mitigation: Early Warning Signs

New to Canada, the Korean branded captive had a primary goal to get to market ‘yesterday’, to support its dealers with credit lending through an exceptional experience. Ms. Bagoo joined the preliminary team in the capacity of Manager as Credit Operations Planner for her skillsets in operational excellence - and excellent it was!

In launching with rapid speed, customization of certain products and services were outstanding to support the ideal business model. Despite the challenges any start-up organization faces, the results were spectacular but that came with a price; impacting productivity due to volumes & system constraints, thus affecting Dealer funding. To mitigate any further recourse, Ms. Bagoo developed an Early Warning scorecard based on KPI’s from the credit/funding portfolio’s, to ensure timeliness of Dealer reimbursements. 

Her matrix of internal indicators gave birth to event triggers that allowed the Executive Management team the ability to be proactive versus reactive. These early warning signs allowed us to take the appropriate actions and adjust our business model, when need be - without impacting DSI: Dealer Satisfaction Index. Hence, Nicole made a way to allow the company to plan for the future and mitigate any unnecessary risks and Dealer dis-satisfiers. We are forever grateful for her priceless contributions. ~ C. McMillian (FEB 2016)

Confessions for Healing: Man Stops Accusing Wife

My family was desperate for help… my elderly husband was a functioning alcoholic; on/off the wagon and with his final attempt to win his 40+ yr battle, he enrolled in a concurrent program at Credit Valley Hospital and came out diagnosed with Dementia in the end. Before it got to a stage of diagnosis to allow for treatment, his behaviors started to escalate, accusing me, his stay at home wife of 51yrs of having an affair with my own son-in-law. You can just imagine how uncomfortable that was for my entire family, much less for my daughter and the accused (her husband of 18yrs), whom we recently started cohabitating with.

When I say it was bad, it was horrific: my husband suddenly became verbally and physically abusive, held me at knife point, tried to smother me in a kiss, pushed me into things and even threatened to kill me and that’s when we called 911. Following this event, my husband was on house arrest for 1.5 months and resided with my eldest son. At that point, we connected with Thy Kingdoms and Nicole through her life coaching skills with bible-based teachings, helped us to heal and rebuild our marriage. 

It was an eye opener to say the least. We learnt, the brain is a complex system that works in funny ways, it took the life changing event of moving out with our sons after 47yrs, and in with our daughter’s family to trigger all this uproar within my husband. Turns out, he was harboring a deep dark secret of his own and was projecting his own infidelity from his past onto me – as Nicole puts it: mirror-mirror on the wall. My husband privately confessed this to Nicole and through her biblical background she reassured him, God forgives. He later confessed this to me as part of his healing and yes: I was hurt and disappointed, but the end result was: the accusations & violence ceased, we’ve healed and moved on and the best part - there’s peace again in our lives/new home. FYI: We’ve been to many Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and my husband is “FINE”?! 

Forever and ever indebted, she rebuilt my kingdom!!! ~ A. Ramoutar (NOV 2017)